Who We Are

The African Canadian Christian Network (ACCN) is a network of Black
Christian churches dedicated to helping Black youth lead productive
lives free of violence. Its activities include: seeking and channelling
resources to Black churches; fostering innovative partnerships
between Black churches and other organizations working in the
interest of Black youth; building strategic alliances with organizations
and institutions to provide direct help to Black youth; and supporting
policies and recognition for Black churches as key players in the
delivery of social programs to Black youth and their families.

“ACCN continues to seek supports for our black youth to remove barriers to success in areas such as Education, Employment, Family, and Crime Prevention said Rev. Alvin Nicholson, ACCN Board chair.  Our partnerships with these prestigious institutions, allow our young people to get on the right trajectory to a great education while honing in on their remarkable leadership skills.  It is important that our young people be defined by the social and civic contributions they make with the opportunities they are given, rather than be defined by the communities in which they live.”