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African Canadian Christian Network. ACCN is a network of churches partnering with communities, governments, institutions and others to improve life outcomes for Black youth and their families.
Since 2006, ACCN has been working in communities across the GTA to help Black youth lead lives free from violence. The organization grew out of a partnership between the Ontario government and Black churches in Toronto in response to what the media termed the "summer of the gun." That year 52 of the 78 homicides involved Black youth. With $3 million in funding from the Ontario government, ACCN supported 67 anti-violence projects that engaged community groups and churches in helping approximately 172,00 Black youth and families in Neighborhood improvement areas.
ACCN is currently undertaking the following programs: Scholarships: Through an innovative partnership with more than 20 of the leading independent schools in the GTA, ACCN has been securing scholarships and financial aid for high achieving Black youth. To date, more than 120 youth from diverse backgrounds have benefited from more than $18 million in scholarships and financial aid. Each year, ACCN invites families with high achieving students to take advantage of these funding opportunities. STEM+: To address the drastic under- representation of Black youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ( STEM), ACCN has partnered with First Robotics Canada and created Canada's first Black robotics team with a groups of youth from various areas across the GTA. Parenting: With funding from the Ontario government under the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan, ACCN is preparing to launch a Parent-to-Parent program to help families learn from each other about how to raise successful children.
ACCN welcomes volunteers especially those with skills and knowledge to support and mentor youth in the areas of education, justice and employment. For information on volunteer opportunities, please call 416-615-0182 or send an email to


ACCN is a network of churches that serves individuals of any or no faith

ISP Questions

Entry grades vary by schools. Some schools offer Financial Aid and Scholarships from grade 5, while most offer the same at starting at grade 7.
A Call For Applications is extended once a year at the beginning of the academic school year, for entry for the following school year. Apart from the annual cycle, a Call For Applications can be issued whenever ACCN forges a new school partnership, or when an existing school offers additional Financial Aid. Current applications can be found by downloading the application and supporting material.
Some of the independent schools have religious affiliations, others do not.
ACCN welcomes volunteers especially those with skills and knowledge to support and mentor youth in the areas of education, justice and employment. For information on volunteer opportunities, please call 416-615-0182 or send an email to


Robotics is the study of robots. It includes the design, construction, operation and use of robots as well as the computer systems to control them. Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science that includes mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, and others. Robotics deals with the design, construction, operation, and use of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing.
ACCN’s Robotics team Techtronix was created as a fun way to expose black youth to Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)⸺an area in which they are greatly underrepresented. In 2017/2018, this ward winning team was the first black community team to enter an First Robotics Competition. Involvement whets their appetite for STEM studies and careers and the wealth building job of the future. Additionally, the students learn skills like, coding, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) modelling software, machining, collaboration, strategic planning and so much more.
ACCN Techtronix is made up of students from grades 9 – 12.
ACCN’s recruitment starts at the beginning of the academic school year. Training for coding, CAD modelling software, fundraising, et al, starts in preparation for the robot building season that kicks off in January.


This program enables parents of Black youth to help each other to stay motivated, increase their knowledge of resources related to their children's well-being, advocate for their children and navigate the school system. ACCN is collaborating with the Ontario National Association of Black School Educators (ONABSE) and Generation Chosen, a Jane?finch youth group to develop the program
The Parent2Parent program provides mentoring for parents through Circle Families; As Community Parent Education Program and an Online Parenting Support Community.
This is a peer mentoring program for parents by parents - the proverbial 'village' . Parents who have achieved success in raising Black children have the opportunity to share their experience with others seeking strategies, needing moral support or direct assistance e.g. a companion to attend parent-teacher interviews or Court hearings.
The Parent 2 Parent program is funded by the Government of Ontario under the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan ( OBYAP).

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