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July 9th 2007

Lead Applicant: Abundant Life Assembly Focus Area: Justice Grant Amount: $25, 000
Project Name: Break Free 2007 Location: 2001 Albion Rd, Unit 8  

Project Description:
The Break Free 2007 project is a 12 week intensive program to provide young offenders and others who have addiction problems in the community an opportunity to express themselves, their creativity, their skills and rebuild their self-confidence and self-worth to become productive members of society.

1. Break Free Family Centre

Lead Applicant: First United Pentecostal Church Focus Area: Employment Grant Amount: $42,000
Project Name: Kairos Location: Jane Finch  
Project Description:
Kairos is a music education program aimed at impacting the lives of high school teens (ages 13-19 years old) in the Jane and Finch area through music training, production and performance. Apart from teaching music fundamentals, Kairos seeks to influence the development of positive life skills, self-confidence and show the importance of focused efforts towards the accomplishing of goals.
1. Ajax Church of God

Lead Applicant: Christ Apostolic Church (Bethel)
Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $35,000
Project Name: Take Away Guns and
Location:94 Kenhar Dr., North Kipling Community Centre and Elmbank Community Centre.  
Project Description:
Take Away Guns and Gangs is a project which emphasizes academic enhancements required to address the needs of the identified children and youth residing within the Jamestown community. The introduction to cultural sensitive programs (i.e. African Dance and Drumming) will lead our participants into a level of understanding of the heritage and reconnect with their forefathers. The tutoring of the students will impact their academic, social, emotional and physical needs.

Lead Applicant: Christ Chapel International Church Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $42,000
Project Name: "Mobile SPOT" Location: Yorkgate Mall; Oakdale Community Center, Driftwood Community Center, Catholic School at Shoreham & Jane  
Project Description:
The project promotes a healthy youth community in Jane Finch by creating a "mobile home" where youth feel safe to creatively explore and build upon their full creative and leadership potential. It implements collaborative, youth led, programs that unite, mobilize and bring together Jane Finch youth who are driven by optimism, passion and creativity. It also increases mentorship opportunities, community and public interest, enthusiasm and commitment to Jane Finch youth. It builds youth wellness, pride and engagement on issues of their choice and promotes youth leadership in the community. The Mobile SPOT operates at the Community centers. Oakdale Community Center is a #1 Mobile home.
1. Belka Enrichment Center (Poject of Caribbean Global Mission)

Lead Applicant: Congregation Melech Yisrael (CMY) of Toronto Focus Area: Employment Grant Amount: $42,000
Project Name: The Tov Centre Employment Readiness Program Location: Yorkdale Community  
Project Description:
The project creates a training centre for marginalized black youth between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five living in Lawrence Heights who are ill-prepared to present themselves to potential employers, youth who lack the confidence and ability to communicate the value they bring to the work place and the community. The training will enhance verbal and non-verbal interactive skills with the intent to influence behaviour that leads to employment.

Lead Applicant: Forward in Faith Church (FIF) Focus Area: Family Grant Amount: $26,395
Project Name: Pay it Forward Initiative

Location:There are 3 service locations for this project
1. FIF Church - 17 Buxton Road
2. Northwood Community Centre
3. Our Lady of Laudes Catholic Church

Project Description:
The Pay It Forward Initiative targets new immigrant families who have settled in the Keelesdale-Eglinton West, Black Creek-York West (east) and Oakwood/Vaughn neighbourhoods in the City of Toronto. The project will offer a male mentoring program called The Fatherhood Initiative, an eight month employment skills workshop series as well as a youth summer camp. The Fatherhood Initiative pairs black and new immigrant fathers with young males (new immigrant) for the purpose of mentoring and positive relationship building. Youth will meet regularly with their mentor to discuss issues and participate in awareness building activities related to their everyday lives.

Lead Applicant: Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church Focus Area: Justice Grant Amount: $39,000
Project Name: Planning Early to Avoid Criminal Elements (PEACE) program Location:25 Channel Nine Court
Project Description:
PEACE is a crime prevention and delinquency reduction program focusing on preventing children (under 12 years) from becoming future offenders through the application of leading evidence-based approaches that helps reduce aggression and delinquency. The program will use the SNAPô strategy to target those children most likely to "flip" into the youth justice system by addressing key ingredients of their antisocial behaviour.

Lead Applicant: Progress Church of God Focus Area: Justice Grant Amount: $14,000
Project Name: Defy Your Label Location: 1621 Albion Road, North Etobicoke
Project Description:
Defy Your Label is a program for young girls ages 8-12, that takes place in twelve-week blocks. The program will focus on the proven workshop of Success Through Aggression Replacement Training. Girls will be taught how these skills can be applied to the issues that they face in their lives. The program has three levels, all include homework support, dinner, workshops, discussions and graduation.
1. Tropicana Community Services

Lead Applicant: Shiloh House of Prayer Focus Area: Justice Grant Amount: $42,000
Project Name: Diversion Program Location: Seneca College
Project Description:
This Diversion program offers young offenders access to lawyers, counsellors and other services when they come into conflict with the law. Youth are provided with tools and support to help them with conflict resolution and taking responsibility, which in turn will help them in their reformation. The project is designed to promote culturally appropriate services in counselling, training and employment that will reduce incidents of conflict and crime.
1. Seneca College (York Gate Campus)

Lead Applicant: St. Francis NESBF Archdiocese of Canada Focus Area: Employment Grant Amount: $42,000
Project Name: Making Work Work for Youth Location: Primary: Woodgreen Community Services
Project Description:
Many youth from African communities have had interactions with the justice system, find it difficult to make a fresh start. This project will help youth who have been charged, arrested or served time in detention centres participate in pre-employment training, be assisted in obtaining a 6-month job, and be supported during the process - giving them a chance to develop skills and experience that can help them to turn their lives around.
1. Woodgreen Community Services

Lead Applicant :The Chief Cornerstone Tabernacle of Praise Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $32,750
Project Name:Rexdale Youth Outreach Program (RYOP) Location:Jamestown, Mount Olive and Thistletown
Project Description:
The project is an educational support program designed to increase the odds for visible minority youth, living in high-risk neighbourhoods in the City of Toronto. It will provide youth and their parents with the necessary educational and social supports to help live safe and build quality lives. It will also help forge effective relationships between youth, parents and community group.

Lead Applicant:Toronto International Celebration Church Focus Area: Justice Grant Amount: $42,000
Project Name: Basketball 4 Life (B4L) Location: TICC (190 Railside Rd.), Ward 34
Project Description:
B4L will focus on building long term relationships with young black males by providing a safe environment of fun, respect and mentorship for troubled youth. The program runs two nights per week year round; specifically focusing on African-Canadian males age 12-21. The professional mentorship provided by B4L throughout the year literally transforms negative characteristics into positive ones in the lives of the youth participants.

Lead Applicant: Vision Evangelistic Center Focus Area: Employment Grant Amount: $42,000
Project Name: Hoops Summer Challenge Location: 215 Morrish Rd., Ste. 106
Project Description:
A professional theatrical production employing Black Youth from Warden Woods (Scarborough) and Jamestown (North Etobicoke) in the fields of set construction, hair and wardrobe design, make-up application, acting and stage crew. Black Youth will also work as "street leaders" in the UrbanPromise after-school program, tutoring younger Black Youth in their community.
1. Urban Promise.

Lead Applicant:World Harvest Ministries Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $32,920
Project Name: "Arise and Shine" - Academic Enrichment and Empowerment Program Location: 315 Wilson Height Blvd.
Project Description:
The project is an academic enrichment program that provides tutoring in Math and English, computer training, and mentoring. It will enable students to reach their desired level of achievement academically while equipping them with necessary knowledge, skills, and values to pursue higher education.

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