African-Canadian Christian Network (ACCN)
Grant Recipient Fact Sheet

May 3rd 2007

Lead Applicant: Rosewood Church of the Nazarene Focus Area: Family Grant Amount: $16,252
Project Name: Youth and Young Adult Mentoring Partnership/Girls of Destiny Location: Malvern - Ward 42  

Project Description:
This project is being designed to pair up a teen and a young adult in a big brother or sister type relationship. The relationship will foster growth in self esteem, communication, values and moral, leadership skills, helping to make future productive successful members of society through observational learning, discussion and the example of the mentor.

Another area of focus will be on relationship-building, character development, mentoring program for girls 11-18 years, which focuses on leadership, etiquette and personal development

Lead Applicant: First United Pentecostal Church Focus Area: Employment Grant Amount: $50,000
Project Name: The Jewel Project Location: 793 Pharmacy Avenue  
Project Description:
The Jewel Project is a two stream community oriented project that will change the lives of a minimum of sixty at-risk youth and newcomers on how to use audio and video equipment in professional pre and post productions. Stream two of the project will be completed when the community outreach facility is created with services accessible to youth. It is anticipated that a 1000 youth will attend the centre over 3 years.

Lead Applicant: Downsview SDA Church Focus Area: Family Grant Amount: $50,000
Project Name: OPTIONS For Youths Location: 37 Bakersfield St. & 1030 Albion Rd.  
Project Description:
This project will provide children 5 to 19 years of age the right, power, and freedom to make choices that will positively shape their lives to become leaders in their communities, and to contribute to the development of strong families and stronger communities.
Partners: 1. Mount Olive Seventh-day Adventist Church

Lead Applicant: Morningstar Christian Fellowship Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $50,000
Project Name: The DOXA Project Location: Jane and Finch  
Project Description:
Using a strength-based approach within an anti-oppression framework that stresses meaningful engagement, access, equity and social justice, the DOXA Project will help Malvern's black youth improve their personal capacity, enhance their connectedness with family/school and engage them in positive peer & adult relationships - all key protective factors that will increase their resiliency to crime / victimization. The project features safe, fun events, caring mentorships, short-term missions, leadership development & Christian spiritual formation.
1. Youth Unlimited (Toronto Youth for Christ)

Lead Applicant: St. John The Beloved Spiritual Baptist Focus Area: Justice Grant Amount: $41,325
Project Name: Combating Crime through Education and Leadership Location: Pelham Park - Toronto  
Project Description:
This is a unique leadership program which will be offered to approximately 30 youth from the Pelham area over a 9 month period, focusing on providing an in-depth analysis of critical issues affecting African heritage youth living in TCHC communities.

This program celebrates and strengthens the strong ties which exist between youth, their families and the community; the leadership series will culminate in 3 weekend retreats - the first for youth, the second for youth and their families, and the third for youth, their families and community members.
1. Pelham Park Youth Resource Centre

Lead Applicant: Kanisa Fellowship SDA Church Focus Area: Justice Grant Amount: $50,000
Project Name: Kanisa Fellowship/CACD Tri-Mentoring Youth Justice Project Location: Westminister-Branson (Toronto)
Project Description:
The Kanisa/CACD Trimentoring Youth Justice Project provides life skills, mentoring and youth leadership development to African-Canadian youth aged 14 through 24 in high needs area of Westmininster-Branson in North York. Offered at Earle Bales Community Centre, the project addresses youth facing marginalization, racialization, stigmatization, isolation, and criminalization. The project will also engage youth from the African Canadian Youth Justice Program where pertinent
1. Citizens for the Advancement of Community Development (CACD)

Lead Applicant: Malton SDA Church Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $40,000
Project Name: Alley-oop Location: Jamestown, Jane & Finch, Weston-Mt. Dennis, Lawrence Heights
Project Description:
This program is designed to organize a basketball league within 3 years. In order to participate, players must hold a 70% average or their marks need to have been brought up by 10%. Tutors will be provided for the players through alliances with local post-secondary institutions as part of their co-operative education or practicum programs. The Toronto Police force will also be a part of the program in the form of security as well as having an actual basketball team.
1. On Your Mark Ministries

Lead Applicant:Toronto West SDA Church Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $49,500
Project Name: Page 2 Youth Engagement Strategy (YES) Against Violence Program Location: 1621 Albion Road, North Etobicoke
Project Description:
The YES Against Violence program is designed to remove youth (age 14-19) from the potential dangers of the streets by engaging them through music (community choir), recreational activities and voluntary/community service thus helping them become productive contributors tot he community. The program will offer mentoring, life skills training and monthly stipend to youth participants.
1. Advent Family Services

Lead Applicant: New Hope Tabernacle Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $40,000
Project Name: New Hope Empowered Youth Network (NHEYN) Location: 2431 St. Clair Ave West
Project Description:
NHEYN consists of four models: Personal & Character Development, Spiritual Enrichment, Career Path, and Recreation. The aim is to outreach to the youth in order to keep them off the streets and out of violence by giving them meaningful alternatives. These programs will give youth opportunities to connect with mentors and plan their academia, provide hands-on experience through volunteering, and provide a safe space and constructive platform for a positive future.

Lead Applicant: Shiloh SDA Church Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $50,000
Project Name: "Crossings"-- Preparing Youth for the Transition from Adolescence to Childhood Location: Primary: Shiloh SDA Secondary: Lester B Pearson Secondary School
Project Description:
"Crossings" is an educational program for youth aimed at strengthening the black family unity by teaching appropriate life and social skills in order to support the development of self-confident future oriented youth into responsible adulthood. A dynamic life path plan is developed with each of the participants. The recreational component of the program promotes alternatives to violence and teaches pro-social behaviour.
1. Mizpah Community Assistance Organization

Lead Applicant :The Lamb of God Miracle Ministry Inc. Focus Area: Family Grant Amount: $50,000
Project Name: Lamb's Care Project (LCP) Location: 578-582 Champagne Drive, North York
Project Description:
The Lamb's Care Project provides early intervention and prevention services through mentoring 30 families with "High Risk" youths in grades 4 to 12 who are at risk of educational failure, teen pregnancy, increase drug uses and gang involvement in the Jane/Finch (Ward 8) community. The strategies in the plan are designed to encourage youth to dream beyond the oppressive conditions in the area.

Lead Applicant: Agape Ministries Focus Area: Family Grant Amount: $50, 000
Project Name: Winners with an Active Voice of Excellence (W.A.V.E.) Location: Jane - Finch
Project Description:
Winners with an Active Voice of Excellence (W.A.V.E) is a child and youth serving program committed to the empowerment of youth between the ages of 6-16 in the Jane/Finch Area. W.A.V.E seeks to mentor youth, aid in developing essential life skill, training pro-social behaviour, educate on academic and social issues and reward academic success.
1. Jane-Finch Coalition

Lead Applicant: Kingsview Free Methodist Church Focus Area: Family Grant Amount: $25,900
Project Name: Hoops Summer Challenge Location: North Etobicoke
Project Description:
Hoops is a Christian Community Organization providing life coaching and mentoring through Basketball. It is a summer, four day a week program and school year weekly program camp that includes skill development, competitive basketball, personal mentoring and Christian spiritual teaching and development.

Lead Applicant: Pilgrim Church of the First Born Focus Area: Family Grant Amount: $25,000
Project Name: Pilgrim Church Tutoring & Mentorship Program Location: 10 Jamestown Cres., Etobicoke
Project Description:
The purpose of this project is to provide free one-to-one tutoring and mentorship for students with academic, social, emotional and physical needs. The objective is to improve the educational and personal experiences of students, by creating an environment that motivates, inspires and prepares them to become intelligent, well informed, productive citizens.

Lead Applicant: The Church of Pentecost Canada (COP) Focus Area: Justice Grant Amount: $47,498
Project Name: Jonah's Passage Location: 2256 Sheppard Ave. W (Toronto)
Project Description:
The objective of the Jonah's Passage program is to provide outreach and counselling services within a supportive environment to young adults and youth who are; on probation, or on early release. The aim is to guide these individuals back into their communities as positive and contributing members of society.
1. Pentecost Community Development Agency (PENTCDA)

Lead Applicant: The Toronto Gospel Light House Church Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $50,000
Project Name: Investing on Youths Location: Regent Park and its environ
Project Description:
This project is aimed at reducing youth violence by planning and implementing program activities that will address the risk factors associated with violence thereby finding a workable solution to them. Victimization, drug dealing, gangs, unemployment, lack of social skills and systemic barriers. The program will establish support and advocacy through the bail and court system program.
1. African Women Resource Information Centre and Xcell Care Outreach Inc.

Lead Applicant: Toronto New Covenant Cathedral Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $39,000
Project Name: Positive Impact Location: Varied
Project Description:
As certified facilitators of the Franklin Covey program, Toronto New Covenant Cathedral partner will provide this training FREE of charge to teach young people practical ways to communicate more effectively, become leaders and be more organized. This comprehensive 7 week after school program will be done in conjunction with the arts program. The focus is to empower young people through the Arts to develop their own areas of interest focusing on 4 key areas - employment (through skill development), education, recreation and relations within the community.
1. NuGenerations Arts Group & Youth Services

Lead Applicant: Grace Apostolic Church Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $50,000
Project Name: Camp EDIFY Location: 801 Progress Avenue, Scarborough
Project Description:
Camp EDIFY is designed to develop the whole person to be healthy in every aspect of their being. Whole in heart, whole in spirit, whole in mind, and whole in body. To this end, the program is committed to developing within youth the capacity and skills to achieve this goal. EDIFY - Education and Direction for Intelligent, Fit, Youth.

Lead Applicant: Rock and River Congregation Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $50,000
Project Name: King-Bay Kids After School Program Location: Housing Complex at Leslie and Finch
Project Description:
King-Bay Kids affords youth the opportunity to experience different social events which provide positive environments and role models, thereby instilling self esteem and inspiring hope in their lives. The after school program is catered to two particular age groups, grade 1 to 6 and grades 7-12. This program is designed to assist these youth to take responsibility for their actions and to encourage them to become more self-reliant and discipline.
1. King-Bay Chaplaincy

Lead Applicant: Bethel Worship Centre Focus Area: Education Grant Amount: $40,000
Project Name: Youth Oasis Activity and Resource Centre Location:
Project Description:
The after school program which offers a variety of services free of charge is designed to allow community youth, whose statistics indicate may have ordinarily been left unsupervised and susceptible to crime and other negative influences, to have a safe and wholesome environment where they can go to gain the skills they require to succeed educationally, socially, professionally, and spiritually - An Oasis.

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