Partnering Schools

The African Canadian Christian Network is committed to providing resources to support our youth and their families in areas that focus on Education, Employment, Family and Crime Prevention.

In the area of Education, we have forged great partnerships so that boys and girls from our community can benefit from attending some of the best independent schools in the GTA through scholarships and Financial Aid.

We have a number of schools, spanning, Durham, Toronto, Peel, and York.  The schools are listed as Co-Ed, All Girls and All Boys in alphabetical order.  Please read details and attend the listed open houses with your children, to learn more about each.  You need to register online with some schools for their open houses.. Alternatively, contact the schools for available tours. Please visit their websites.

Partnering Independent Schools

Founded in 1962, Bayview Glen is a co-educational, multicultural, multi-denominational, university preparatory, day school. Our programme begins at age two and continues through to university entrance. Our programmes are enhanced to offer our students a highly challenging academic, athletic, and character-building educational experience. Bayview Glen is committed to fostering a sense of community between students, parents, alumni, staff and faculty.

The programme goal is to develop the whole child through nurturing self-esteem, leadership, academic excellence and independence. Each day in the secure and supportive learning environment of Bayview Glen is filled with new experiences, and opportunities for both challenge and success. Our academic and Advanced Placement programmes are balanced with a strong music and arts programme, languages, physical education, Duke of Edinburgh’s awards, outdoor leadership trips, Round Square, community involvement, and co-curricular activities. Our programmes are strongly influenced by the IDEALS of Round Square – high academic standards as well as preparation for life through experiential learning.

Students participate in community service, work projects, exchange programmes and rewarding life experiences demanding courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolution. Bayview Glen maintains high standards throughout. The school goal is to prepare every child for the future with enrichment opportunities and an individualized approach for all.

We believe in developing young people to their full potential mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s not enough to acquire exceptional capabilities, without strength of character and a solid system of values to steer by.

From the earliest grades onward, opportunities for personal growth abound. Students learn to lead by example, by taking responsibility for others, and by assuming an active role in the life and governance of the school. Confidence is cultivated by creating a safe, supportive environment in which to take risks.

Principles of integrity and respect are modeled daily by school and student leaders, reinforced in the classroom and reflected upon in Chapel. Students grow into an awareness of personal and social responsibility, energetically embracing opportunities for volunteerism both at home and abroad. Active community service is a cornerstone of the HTS experience.

J. Addison School is Canada’s pre-eminent day and boarding school located centrally in Markham, Ontario.  This brand new school building offers almost 60,000 sq. ft. of new space.  Our unique feature is FFS (Focus for Success) which incorporates academic support and extracurricular activities in to each school day.

Their mission is to motivate, challenge and facilitate students in achieving their full potential.  100% of their graduates have been accepted into the university or college of their choice

Founded in 1911 and located on a picturesque 60-acre campus in Oakville, Ontario, Appleby College is a coeducational day/boarding school for students in Grades 7–12. At Appleby, we believe every student deserves an opportunity to pursue an education that excites and challenges them. An education that offers them the chance to discover and embrace their passions both inside and outside of the classroom. We promote the development of the whole student, blending academic excellence, athletic achievement and creative expression with opportunities for leadership and community engagement both at home and around the world. Hallmarks of the Appleby experience include our Grade 12 boarding programme, our emphasis on global learning and cultural understanding, our commitment to financial assistance with over $3.0 million in bursaries, loans and scholarships annually, and our experiential learning programme centred around the McLaughlin Northern Campus in Temagami.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Centennial Scholars Program

  • For exceptional students entering grade 7 who have significant financial need which prevents them from affording full or part tuition at Appleby
  • Financial need will be assessed based on the completed “Centennial Scholars Financial Need” form sent with this document
  • Will be nominated /recommended by the ACCN

Other Options for Financial Aid

Other than the Centennial Scholars Applications, all other are to be submitted directly to Appleby and are not considered part of the ACCN process

Families who do not qualify for the Centennial Scholars program, and have some level of financial need, may apply for aid, for amounts as assessed by Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) and determined by Appleby College. 

Merit Based Scholarship

Sir Edmund Walker Scholarships

  • 10 awards of $10,000 provided to the best applicants, as determined by their academic transcripts, interview and application.
  • Award is focused on demonstrated leadership skills, both inside and outside of the classroom.

As the only co-ed, bilingual IB World School in Canada, TFS offers an unparalleled education. While our entrance scholars do not need to speak French, due to our highly successful Introductory French program, they will graduate fully bilingual and prepared for their university of choice. Academically rigorous, TFS provides a learning environment that is balanced with outstanding athletic and arts programming, as well as leadership and community service opportunities. Our community of teachers and students is diverse, welcoming and caring.

Fluency in French is needed.

The York School’s mission to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are engaged citizens of the world is distinct among independent schools because it focuses on the strengths of our graduates rather than the features of our school.

The capacity for inquiry arises from curiosity, an inclination toward action and an ability to adapt. To be knowledgeable is to transform diverse ideas and experiences into integrated understanding. Caring flows from empathy, compassion and a genuine appreciation for community. And engaged citizens feel a sense of responsibility for personal, social and global progress.

To help our students develop these qualities, we provide a learning context that challenges, supports and inspires. The result? A school community that values individuals for their unique contribution and brings out the best in everyone.

Our approach to learning puts students at the centre of the process and builds on the International Baccalaureate’s world-leading, inquiry-based and interdisciplinary model. Our exceptional teachers have extensive international experience and integrate advanced technology into the curriculum to enhance our students’ skills and understanding. And we provide interactive, hands-on learning experiences that solidify our students’ knowledge of themselves and their subjects.

Across the three divisions, we focus on developing the whole person through involvement in service learning, the arts, athletics, clubs and student leadership. Support and close relationships are a key priority at all times and students benefit from our inclusive approach. Our community is also international, multi-lingual and full of interesting people with diverse talents who are right at home in the rich urban centre that surrounds us.

UTS is a university preparatory school, grades 7 through 12, affiliated with the University of Toronto. Located on U of T’s St. George Campus, UTS offers high achieving students a specialized curriculum and a unique co-educational learning environment that encourages creative interests and physical activity as well as a sense of social responsibility.

For more than a century, University of Toronto Schools has celebrated its tradition of excellence through exceptional levels of academic, athletic, and artistic accomplishment which distinguish us as one of the best independent schools in the nation. We place intellectual enquiry, creativity, and breadth and depth of learning at the heart of our program along with an emphasis on wellness, physical activity and community involvement.  Merit-based admission and financial accessibility are cornerstones of the UTS philosophy and we attract some of the best candidates from across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond from all backgrounds.  Through our bursary program we work to ensure that financial limitations do not present a barrier to entry and that any child who is qualified to attend, can do so.  

Financial assistance bursaries are based on need and require annual qualification by Apple Financial Services. Bursaries are recommended using information provided by applicant families and qualification information from Apple Financial Services.

Walden International School is dedicated to cultivating and preparing principled, compassionate and confident young women and men who will become globally responsible citizens.

Our balanced world class education, with a unique focus on wellness, fosters respect and harmony for self and with others; and, empowers students to imagine, explore and achieve a peaceful and sustainable future.

Walden International School has strategically formed a curriculum that focuses on problem solving and critical thinking. Rather than relying on traditional content-driven pedagogy, Walden offers a more process-driven and experiential approach.

Walden International School’s nature-centric learning environment is designed to foster planet-focused innovation and a respect for the natural world. The property will incorporate sustainable, energy-efficient elements in its design. Classrooms will also be piloting new learning technologies that link traditional values with progressive applications.

Walden International School is in its inaugural year, seeking candidacy status in pursuit of becoming an authorised IB World School, exclusively offering the Diploma Programme. They are dedicated to student wellness and global-mindedness through travel, service, and a unique foundations programme. Walden’s philosophy empowers students to imagine, explore and achieve a peaceful and sustainable future. Now enrolling students for the Grade 9 founding cohort.

Located in Toronto and founded in 1913, Crescent School is a day school for boys from grade 3 – 12. A leader in boys’ education, Crescent is committed to its mission: Men of Character from Boys of Promise.

Crescent School is unabashedly, unapologetically, unrestrainedly a school designed to bring the best out in young men. The teachers are chosen for their deep understanding and appreciation of boys.

Crescent’s diverse curricular and co-curricular programs are intentionally designed to have a boy-centric focus and are delivered with that emphasis.

A school for boys allows young men to explore the complexities of what manhood, courage and honour mean to them.

Boys can wonder, examine and test what it means to be a Man of Character.

Branksome Hall is an all-girls school from JK to Grade 12, located in downtown Toronto.  Our unique blend of wellness, outstanding academics and global engagement opportunities ensures we are integrating 21st century learning into our students’ daily lives.

As an International Baccalaureate World School, our students learn to think, research, collaborate and innovate to understand the world.  Beyond the classroom, our students participate in various clubs, athletic teams, leadership opportunities and service learning experiences. 100% of our graduates attend university; 98% of our 2015 graduates were Ontario Scholars and 88% were offered an entrance/merit scholarship for university.

Founded in 1903, we have over 112 years of experience educating young women to become the learners of today and leaders of tomorrow. At Branksome Hall, students become remarkable.

Havergal’s rigorous academic program, which includes AP courses, is complimented by our outstanding co-curricular program which includes over 74 athletic teams, 16 bands, choirs and orchestras, three drama productions and two art shows.  Our girls are also engaged in a variety of local and global partnerships through The Institute at Havergal.

100% of our graduates attend the finest universities in the world, including McGill, University of Toronto, Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford to name a few. Girls graduate from Havergal ready to fulfill our mission of preparing young women to make a difference.

A collaborative community that promotes a rich, safe, supportive environment where students and their families are welcomed and enjoy a sense of belonging. We value the partnership of family and community in helping students achieve their full potential, while emphasizing empathy, cooperation and healthy competition.  Our students thrive at HNMCS and develop into inspirational Catholic leaders of tomorrow.

Located in the heart of Toronto, Upper Canada College offers “big school” opportunities and facilities combined with a “small school” approach to individualized learning.

Our teachers draw on best practices in education as they challenge boys to be open-minded, reflective learners who demonstrate courage, citizenship and good character. We are an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, and our academic scores are 2 to 5 points higher than the world average. UCC also offers a complete range of co-curricular activities, to encourage the emerging talents of athletes, actors, musicians, debaters, scientists and more.

Our unsurpassed facilities include a double-pad hockey arena and the Norval Outdoor School, a 400-acre nature sanctuary northwest of Toronto. Upper Canada College is committed to attracting the very best students. For the 2015 entry year, UCC offered over $4 million in partial and full financial assistance to talented boys in Grade 5 and up. Another $4 million is earmarked for financial assistance next year.

The Sterling Hall School is an independent school for 310 boys from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. They provide a nurturing environment that both challenges and supports boys as they develop in mind, body, and

spirit. Their Boys are today’s critical thinkers & tomorrow’s innovative leaders; Are risk-takers within a secure environment; Are inspired and know limitless possibilities.

Their dynamic, research-based curriculum is tailored to the way boys learn best. Hands-on, inquiry-based learning combines with strong character education and small classes, resulting in students who are well-equipped to succeed in their secondary and post-secondary education, as well as in their life beyond school.

We value innovative academic practices and boy-focused programming that inspire individual growth, curiosity and passion for learning.

We value and develop confidence and resilience, kindness and respect, with the courage to advocate for oneself and for others.

Their state-of-the-art campus is conveniently located near Highway 401 and a short drive to downtown Toronto

Royal St. George’s College is an urban day school, with a challenging program of academics and extra-curricular activities designed to prepare boys for placement at the university of their choice. Our primary goal for 2014 to 2018 is to prepare our students to thrive and lead in a changing world.  This goal and its strategic objectives can only be realized if we pursue our supporting goal: to foster innovation and excellence by engaging our community and partners. 

Our mission is “to challenge and inspire each boy to be the best version of himself”. Each boy is unique and will be challenged and supported academically, artistically, athletically, socially and emotionally. Our teachers ignite, and model, a love of learning. Our programs open the minds of our boys to new horizons, new thinking and new possibilities.

St. Clement’s develops outstanding young women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate. We do this by offering our girls a learning experience that prepares them: we can’t teach our girls everything, but we can and do ready them for the realities of our changing world.

From Grade 1 to 12, our girls are supported to discover and define their own pathways. They do so in the context of an overarching sense of community that is a defining advantage of our small and spirited School. Building on a foundation of academic excellence, St. Clement’s School focuses on developing the character traits, critical thinking, leadership skills, communication abilities and creative mindset girls need to both excel in their academic endeavours and confidently contribute to society.

Trafalgar Castle School is a warm and welcoming community with a history of educating girls and young women since 1874. We are a proud part of Whitby, and welcome students from across Durham Region, the Greater Toronto Area, and around the world.

Our beautiful campus and historic setting is a hub of activity each and every day. World-class curriculum alongside a full complement of co-curricular activities creates an environment that inspires and encourages growth. Arts, athletics, debating or robotics – wherever her curiosity leads, dedicated and caring faculty are there to ensure the opportunities for each and every girl are truly endless.

At Trafalgar Castle, we care deeply about how girls learn. The value of our all-girls’ setting is present in our classrooms where students from grades 5 to 12 engage in meaningful and authentic learning, all the while growing in confidence, learning to lead with integrity, and making friendships that last a lifetime!

When our graduates leave us, they are confident young women who know, without question, their possibilities are endless.

Founded in 1867 with the goal of helping young women become transformative leaders, The Bishop Strachan School (BSS) is among the premiere girls’ day and boarding schools in North America. Offering progressive academic, arts and athletics programs, BSS has a expert faculty and state-of-the-art facilities to give each student the resources she needs to use her whole mind, and realize her whole potential.

A wide range of Advance Placement (AP) courses and a full co-curricular program challenge and inspire every girl.

BSS is a welcoming and supportive environment, and home to students from all around the world. With the right education, girls who want to change the world become women who do.

For over 25 years, Linden has specialized in applying feminist pedagogy through a social justice and interdisciplinary lens to inspire and engage girls. Our enriched curriculum and small classes lead to higher academic achievement and self-confidence amongst girls.

The Linden School is a socially progressive community where innovative best practices in girls’ education promote and strengthen student voice, well-being, academic excellence, and global engagement.

Inclusivity: We support a genuinely student-driven culture; students are empowered to actively seize leadership opportunities and confidently contribute to the making of our academic and social community.

Diversity: We work within an anti-oppression framework by approaching the curriculum from multiple perspectives; our academic inquiry includes equity and social justice issues from feminist and anti-racist viewpoints.

Intellectual Risk: We support respectful dissent and encourage an enthusiasm for inquiry and interdisciplinary exploration; we challenge ourselves and others through independent thinking, well-informed opinions, and critical debate.

For over 25 years, Linden has specialized in applying feminist pedagogy through a social justice and interdisciplinary lens to inspire and engage girls. Our enriched curriculum and small classes lead to higher academic achievement and self-confidence amongst girls.

The Linden School is a socially progressive community where innovative best practices in girls’ education promote and strengthen student voice, well-being, academic excellence, and global engagement.

Inclusivity: We support a genuinely student-driven culture; students are empowered to actively seize leadership opportunities and confidently contribute to the making of our academic and social community.

Diversity: We work within an anti-oppression framework by approaching the curriculum from multiple perspectives; our academic inquiry includes equity and social justice issues from feminist and anti-racist viewpoints.

Intellectual Risk: We support respectful dissent and encourage an enthusiasm for inquiry and interdisciplinary exploration; we challenge ourselves and others through independent thinking, well-informed opinions, and critical debate.

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Some of the private schools offer students the option to graduate with an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma in addition to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). 

The ideal candidate must:

  • Demonstrate a strong academic foundation – B+ average and higher
  • Be involved with co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Have great leadership skills and a healthy sense of community
  • Demonstrate good personal and social development
  • Possess the ability to assimilate
  • Be collaborative / good team player
  • Have great organizational skills
  • Be well rounded / balanced
  • Have Critical Thinking skills


  1. Complete the attached application by answering all questions and sign where required.  Applications submitted directly to the schools cannot be retrieved by the ACCN and are not considered part of our process.
  2. Provide an electronic copy(preferably) or a hard copy of the teacher’s evaluation to your child’s teacher (s).  If given electronically, ensure that the teacher knows the deadline for e-mailing the completed form.  If a hard copy is given, it must be placed in an envelope and sealed by the teacher.
  3. Include copies or pictures of any and all recognitions/accomplishments/achievements that speak of your child’s great performance.  These include, but not limited to honour roll certificates; academic, community; extra-curricular recognition.
  4. Obtain a passport size photo of your child.
  5. Make copies of your child’s June report cards for the last 3 years.  If your child is considered for an interview by a private school, we will require copies of the interim (mid-term) report.
  6. Send 2 paper copies of everything to the ACCN at the address below, via Courier or drop off, for each school selected.  Ensure the original signed application is included.
  7. Scan and e-mail a copy of the entire collated package to for each school selected. 


APPLICATION SUBMISSION October 24th, 2018 or earlier.  The ACCN will consider qualified applicants as they come, in order to meet the time sensitive deadline.  We advise that you submit the applications sooner rather than later.


A committee of educators who volunteer with the ACCN will review the applications and invite the boys and girls who fit the criteria, along with their parents, to an interview.  Parents will be advised of the date and time. After the interviews, the names of the final selection of candidates will be submitted to the schools by the ACCN.

The schools will determine the students they would like to interview at their campuses.


Financial Aid is awarded to young boys and girls who ordinarily may not be able to afford the tuition at these private schools. This qualification is determined by an independent 3rd party, namely FACS (Financial Aid For Canadian Students) Parents of the selected boys and girls are required to immediately complete the application.

The grades indicated for each school, are those for which financial aid and scholarships are available.  We encourage you to visit the school’s website for a list of all available grades.

SSAT (Secondary School Aptitude Test)

The SSAT is not a pre-requisite for all schools, however, it is essential for schools like UTS (University of Toronto Schools) for consideration for an interview.  Please check schools selected, and arrange for completion before stated deadlines.  Visit the school’s website or for schedules.

Many schools are host sites at which the SSAT can be written.  Visit their websites to determine dates, availability, and deadlines  Waiver codes may be available for some schools. Contact ACCN for more information.


Completed applications can be sent to us at:


1875 Sheppard Ave West

Toronto, ON M3L 1Y6

Phone: 416-930-5683


We Thank You

We recognize that this is a rigorous process, but also a tremendous and historic opportunity for youth from the community to leave a legacy behind at these private schools.  We look forward to your applications. Please feel free to circulate this to your colleagues, friends and family.

We thank you for your support and speedy attention to the process.