• ACCN is a new, volunteer-driven organization that is pioneering a unique initiative that goes beyond being merely a fund-provider.
  • Volunteers are highly-valued and could find rich opportunities to become involved as builders e.g. as organizational capacity-builders with the church and as community-capacity-builders with grass-root community organizations

Volunteer Opportunities

Become a member of the grant action team

This position suits volunteers with experience, knowledge and skills in one or more of the four Priority Areas of the ACCN Grants Program, (i.e. Family, Education, Employment and Crime Prevention/Justice) who, can serve as members of the Grant Review Team.

  • Volunteers can play a valuable role as members of ACCN Board.
  • The criteria for membership on the Board of Directors are outlined in the ACCN Constitution.


These volunteers will assist church and/or community organizations who have been approved for ACCN funding or identified as potential recipients and who need coaching in specific areas that builds their capacities and capabilities in achieving sound development and/or implementation of their projects.


In this position, volunteers will provide leadership in the orientation and training sessions for Grant Action Team members.

Speakers’ Group

These volunteers will undertake speaking at engagements with churches, community organizations and schools to promote the role and functions of ACCN and its Volunteer and Grants Programs.


These volunteers will participate as panel speakers at ACCN sponsored workshops, seminars, conferences, symposia, etc.

Expectations of Volunteers

  • Volunteers involved in the ACCN organizational activities will be expected to attend scheduled meetings or events (3 hrs) monthly or as required
  • Volunteer tasks associated with reviewing and selecting proposals, training, etc., will be consistent with ACCN funding cycles and deadlines  
  • Generally, the Grants Review & Selection process will require about thirty hours over a four to five-weeks period.  

Benefits of volunteering with ACCN

Benefits include:

  • Orientation and training in areas of responsibility
  • Leadership development
  • Opportunity to use experience and skills to benefit the community
  • Opportunity to support youth and their families
  • Recognition  and awards

How to become an ACCN volunteer 

Volunteer Application Process

  • Contact ACCN Office
  • Complete and submit the online Volunteer Application form
  • Be sure to provide detailed information on interests, work/volunteer experience knowledge skills and availability
  • ACCN will acknowledge your application - generate automatic acknowledgement e-mail
  • ACCN will review your application and contact you.
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